Carpione della casa     €  15.50  (
      – marinated trout in sour,  pickled vegetables, beetrooth mayonayse and buckwheat leaves

Tomino cremoso        € 16.50  (1grano.3)

Pan fried creamy cheese, fennel salad, black olives and   vegetarian puffpastry

 Carpaccio di manzo     17.50    (1grano.3.8.10)

– beef carpaccio with grain mustard dressing, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, truffled and parmesan

Bruschettona “Bella Vista”   € 11.00   (1grano.3.9)
      –Bruschettona “Bella Vista”  with fresh tomatoes, basil pesto and pancetta

Missoltini del Lario     € 14.00 (10.11)
       –Cured local fish with roasted polenta

First course

Risotto (19 min.)     € 16.50   (
      -baby octopus and smoked paprica

I nostri Fagotti*     € 16.50  (1grano.

-home made ravioli filled with guinea fowl, potatoes foam,  candid lemon, cocoa and marjoram

Gnocchi *      €  15.50   (1grano.
      –Potatoes dumpling, garlic, chili, broccoli and missoltino

Fusillone      € 16.00  (1grano.  fusillone our  carbonara style

Main course

Guancette di maiale tartufate   €  19.00    (4.10)
     -Pork cheeks with truffle essence,  roasted coliflower
Terrina di manzo sfilacciato      €  18.50    (4.7.10)
    – Pulled beef terrine, Barolo sauce, veggy pure and polenta

Coniglio          €  19.00    (
    – roasted rabbit with pancetta, potatoes mash and ceps

Salmone        €  19.50    (
    – Confit salmon with ginger and basilic, roasted pepper and aubergine


Mousse    € 7.50    (  chocolate mousse with caramel ice cream
Torta di peperoni rossi    €  6.50    (1.2.3) red pepper cake with olive vanilla ice cream and olive oil

Crème brulèè  €  6.00    (  orange crème brullèe

Pannacotta       €  7.50    (  cherry pannacotta, lemon and mint

In our kitchen we use daily flours. 

Tell us if you are celiac or have any other eating disorder

For the allergens present in our dishes see the list that you will find in the menu.
Our fish and products with * have been slaughtered at – 18th to maintain  the quality 
and to follow international hygiene regulations


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