Lo chef

Paolo Longoni was born in Como in 1981 and grew up in the kitchen together with his father Dorino, in the family inn Bella Vista, a delightful place in the Lariano Triangle, at the foot of Monte San Primo, where the lake and the mountain meet under a sky lovely. The passion for cooking accompanies Paolo throughout his growth. He studies hospitality and matures his passion with trips and work experiences abroad, from Great Britain to France, up to Spain under the influence of greats of international cuisine such as Gordon Ramsey, George Blanc, Anton Edelmann, Vittorio Beltramelli and Carles Tejedor. The return home, to drive the family restaurant, is therefore accompanied by a new awareness and influence of a kitchen in continuous evolution, inspired by new experiences, different and complex flavors. Although carefully preserving its roots, without sacrificing taste of the little things of the past and of the tradition of the Valley of the Lariano Triangle, and in the refinement of fresh and seasonal ingredients, Paolo Longoni’s kitchen turns out to be young, modern, fresh, lively and inspired. Bella Vista, under his guidance and together with the family, it offers an experience of non-trivial genuineness with recipes that make one feel at home.